After the mock exams, I found that I almost have no confidence.
I am not the man who said he will entrance into Taiwan university.
Actually, since I known I have to join the allotted exam, my confidence had fallen down.
I don't think I could get a good point in the allotted exam.
So I very hope to enter into university at once.
Unfortunately, I flunked the first phase.
Now, I have to study harder than before in order to let me enter into good university.
Yet, I don't have confidence.
Anything is not on the right side.
I almost go crazy.
I want to find a place to clam down myself, but it has no time.
It sucks.
Damn it!

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  • justlight1
  • 幸好我有英文好的同學<br />
    你覺得我當時是怎麼處理的?<br />
  • arthur00140
  • 我又沒有寫得很深= ="<br />
    都是一些淺字而已<br />
    <br />
    我覺得我還是靠隻手之聲好了<br />
    <br />
    到是你的READING MASTER被我搞丟了= ="
  • ysmallwind
  • 還有時間<br />
    一步一步來<br />
    不要太求好心切<br />